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I've been making Rust maps and prefabs for years.

Pretty much as soon as RustEdit came out. I learn't my craft by myself on my development server, there were no YouTube video's or anyone elses experiences to draw from and become an overnight 'expert'.

It was hard work, frustrating and initially, a lot of trial and error but this is how you learnt what worked, what didn't and most importanyl 'why' something was not behaving as expected.

RustEdit, Unity (and other software) has progressed enormously from those early days and I'm always seeking to push the boundaries and keep up with the latest developments.

Quality Assurance

All of my maps and prefabs are tested on my development server, then on a 'live' server and I'm always mindful of things like entity count, how I anticipate the map being used, the 'story' behind the map or prefab and so much more.

I also take on-board all communications from customers to see what feedback they had from their playerbase, if there were specific monuments/prefabs/map terrain areas they like or disliked.

I want to make my products the best there is, so I always appreciate any constructive criticism.


The majority of my maps are designed and developed from scratch, some free maps might be based on a random Rust map seed and heavily modified but the same attention to detail goes into everything I do. Prefabs, monuments and some map design queues are inspired by the real world, real events, Rust itself or a kind of poetic license from something that has inspired me. It is extremely hard to claim 'originality'; after all, a 2 bedroom cottage and a stately home with 24 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms etc are completely different but their originality (home) stems from using the same object; walls, roof, doors and windows. In Rust we have a finite set of assets we can use, it's how you use those assets that are important.
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