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Treacherous Holm - Free Custom Map for Rust

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Theme: River Island
Land Mass: 3000 (size is an approximation)
Ocean size: 3200 (size is an approximation and includes the land mass size)
Resources: Normal

Treacherous Holm is a medium-sized island divided by a nice wide river that makes for some great boating action.

In my 4th free map, I wanted to do a fully custom terrain instead of a mix of hand and procedural generation so the map is quite a bit different in appearance when in-game than RustIO is able to show.

With this map, I introduce 3 custom monuments with two being from myself and one from the community..

Treacherous Holm community feature monument is from the author: Cherios and it's their railworks monument. Its a dig site of sorts with lots of heavy machinery and cranes centred around the main chasm into the ground where are you are greeted with a collapsed railway tunnel.

The other two monuments are from myself with one being my Wushan Yangtze river bridge (based on the real-world bridge but scaled down for the width of this river) and secondly, a fully updated version of my river locks monument featuring all-new puzzles and an underground area with some great looting opportunities.

I hope you enjoy my latest Free map.

Interesting building locations:

Landfill Hole

Mini Sewers

Farcry 4 prepper container hide


Several Small Monuments

Huge Custom Bridge

Huge Custom Landscape

Custom Locks Monument

Guest monument Railworks


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Map Monuments

Map Trailer

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