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Shivering Sands - Free Custom Map for Rust

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Theme: Surface Railway
Land Mass: 2900 (size is an approximation)
Ocean size: 3200 (size is an approximation and includes the land mass size)
Resources: High

Shivering Sands is a small to medium-sized island and is my 7th free map, I wanted to keep the trend of fully custom terrain so the map is quite a bit different in appearance when in-game than RustIO can show..
On this map, there is an above-ground railway (monorail style) as well as 3 main custom monuments with one being my new Dilapidated Sea Forts and secondly my Military Barracks and an extra fully underground Military Tunnels to not only give a new look but to save a good amount of flat space this monument normally takes up
I hope you enjoy my latest Free map

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Map Monuments

Map Trailer

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